Mama Elephant 3rd Anniversary

Mama Elephant 3rd Anniversary vlog

This post is also available in: Russian

Hi there!

Quickly popping in to show you a vlog I did recently.

I usually do not show such content here. But in the Russian version of my site, which is more oriented to my Russian-speaking audience who live outside of US I run City Walks posts series. Where I show the city through photos and sometimes videos.

This time I went to Mama Elephant 3rd Anniversary and took my followers with me. There is some city walking (Soho, Village, Friends house) and the audio is in Russian (by audio I mean my speaking). But I also filmed the Mama Elephant event. Which starts from 12:13.

I thought you can be interested watching this. If so, you can check it out

I was so thrilled to be there. You won’t believe but I never met a crafter in real life! And here I met like a hundred! Including … wait for it … Kathy Racoosin!  Couldn’t believe my eyes! She is the sweetest person I ever met! Not speaking of her incredible talent.

I was honored to met mamas behind Mama Elephant, girls from Simon Say Stamp (who flied from Columbus, OH to NYC). And a lot of amazing and fun crafters!
Counting days till the 4rd anniversary 😉

Thank you for stopping by!

This post is also available in: Russian

October 19, 2015


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    Leigh Penner

    October 21, 2015

    How amazing! You’re so fortunate that you were able to attend such a fabulous looking event!

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      Svitlana Shayevich

      October 21, 2015

      Yes, it was incredibly cool! Especially for a person, who’s never been to such events