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Today I’m showing four cards. The first two I made for CASE Study Challenge #189. Sometimes when I see a challenge, like and wanna create something – it takes some brainstorming to think of a card. Sometimes I got inspired immediately, the whole card picture just pops up in my head. With this challenge it was the second case. I saw the inspiration card and already knew what I wanted to create.

The focal point is faux letterpress with dies (one of millions Jennifer McGuire’s techniques). A cardstock was embossed with dies that was inked by distresses before. So when a die was pressed into the cardstock – it inked embossed “cavity” at the same time. Then I added some water for get a bit watercolor look (which is SO HOT right know).  Card_140504_09The next step – adding hearts confetti … and I think I kinda went overboard with this lol. So now the card looks like it was done by a child 🙂 Sometimes when I don’t like a card – I remake it.. But this one .. cannot say I’m completely satisfied with it. But I don’t dislike it either. So decide to leave it alive 🙂
Card_140504_10With the second card I went the opposite way. Put confetti craziness to the back and make the focal panel more settled. In addition to faux letterpress – just some die-cut sequins.  Colored them in “watercolor style” with the same inks I used for the letterpress, so the sequins match other elements perfectly by color and style.
Card_140504_11 Card_140504_12And a couple cards I made a while ago. Both using chalkboard technique.

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This post is also available in: Russian

May 13, 2014