Paint By Number Project + Coupon Code

Hi friends!

Today I want to share a project I’ve been working on for several months, which is Paint By Numbers art piece from Winnie’s Picks. It’s a known fact that coloring is very therapeutic. I don’t do a lot of coloring for my cards as I’m not very good in it and often it’s a struggle for me. Working on this project was something different. The thinking part if taken from the equation, all you need is to color. Well… you need to find the right area and color it with its number.

Paint By Numbers. by Svitlana Shayevich

I choose a peony bouquet piece for my project (which will be a great addition to my bedroom when I finish it). Unfortunately this particular product is not available now, but you can find any others in their store. There is also an option to order a custom kit for your photo (I definitely will order a one from my husband photo next).

In the package I received a canvas with printed chart, which is basically the picture design divided into numbered areas, each number corresponds to a specific color. Of course I received all paints needed in small numbered containers. In my case there were 25 of them. Also I got an instruction, brushes and additional sheet with the same chart printed on a sheet of paper.

Paint By Numbers. by Svitlana Shayevich

As I said I’m still in process of coloring the piece. First of all – the one I chose is HUGE. It’s 40x50cm (16×20″). It has a lot of very detailed areas. I work on it when I feel it and have enough time to enjoy the process. Usually I would put one episode of a TV show I’m currently working on and color away.

Paint By Numbers. by Svitlana Shayevich

First thing I did before started working on the piece is read the instructions came in the package as well as this tutorial on their site. There is also a FB group where people are sharing the projects, experience and tips.

I started working from the top left corner and initially I planned to color from that corner onwards but found this approach not exactly working for me. Instead I would pick up a color and colored several areas (like 10 or so) with it. I did only several sections at a time to not keep a pint container opened, to prevent it from drying out.

I piece of advice – if you feel like some paints are getting thicker – add a drop of water of a flow improver into a container. It will make working with paint easier. Which makes the process very enjoyable.

Paint By Numbers. by Svitlana Shayevich

Also with time I quit using the brushes that came with the kit and started using a couple small ones that I previously owned. They’re a very cheap ones I got from Amazon. I just happen to like them more for this task. Their bristles are a bit less flexible and I like them more, especially with thicker paints.

Sometimes when lighting it not good (for example when I work at nights) or in case of very small areas I use a magnifying glass to better see the lines.
I’m a perfectionist (which is a bad thing of course) so I try to paint each area as best as humanly possible to stay inside the lines. But really it’s not so important. On a large piece small imperfections won’t be noticeable. What I noticed though is when I started to paint less ideal the process went faster.

Paint By Numbers. by Svitlana Shayevich

So there was some learning curve but overall I’m facing a lot of fun painting this piece. As I mentioned before – there is no thinking factor, just pure coloring.

I will be sharing my progress with you as I’m going.


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Have a wonderful day!