Halloween Home Decor Tour. Video

Halloween Home Decor Tour

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Hi there. Today I want to share Halloween decor I put up in our apartment this year.
I have a several spots which I decorate for each season. Home decor is a real passion for me, but as I gave another passion, cardmaking, where all my paychecks go, with home decor I try to stay on a budget and not spend a lot of money on it.
I usually buy decor items at a Dollar Tree (DT), thrift stores, not expensive online stores (like Oriental Trading (OT) or Factory Direct Craft (FDC)) and something I DIY. I will make notes which item I got where, in case you’re interested.

There won’t be a lot of words in this post, mostly pictures and a video at the end of this post.

The first spot is our “mantel”. It’s an Ikea show cabinet, its counter serves as a decor surface. A printed Halloween wall art, framed and hung it on a wall above it.Halloween Home Decor TourHere I have a cylinder vase with black and violet roses with spiders (DT), filled with plastic spiders (OT). Witch broom, spooky word (thrift store). Glitter pumpkin and a couple of crows (DT). Halloween Home Decor TourHalloween Home Decor TourHalloween Home Decor TourI like adding books to my decor. They help to place decor elements on different levels and books themselves are always a good idea for decor. I’m using books of corresponding theme and color palette. Here I have Pet Cemetery, Mallēus Maleficārum (in Russian) and Hortus daemonum (in Russian as well)Halloween Home Decor TourI printed several spooky labels (found in Pinterest), one of which I adhered to a three-wick candle jar (this candle is a chocolate one, its color match perfectly for this purpose). I adhered label on a stick glue, it’s not suitable for glass. But it holds enough for label to stay there for a couple of weeks, and then I can easily remove label with no tearing (so I can use it a next year) and no stubborn glue residue on a jar.Halloween Home Decor TourI have an empty frame on a wall column next to our “mantel”. I already mentioned it in previous home decor posts that I got it for $3 on a flea market and painted white.Halloween Home Decor TourI cut out several spooky animals using my silhouette. Owls, bats, cats. I adhered them to walls as additional touches. Here I especially love how bats colony turned out.Halloween Home Decor TourThere is a skeletons garland (OT) i, they were bone color initially, I unevenly spray painted them white.
Halloween Home Decor TourHere we have another awkward space, I have a chalkboard frame and a couple of skeleton silhouette portraits (printed). And some spiderweb.Halloween Home Decor TourOn the shelf above TV area I have a little installation.Halloween Home Decor TourI placed some spiderweb in my all-year-around cylinder vase (thrift store) filled with wine corks. Halloween Home Decor TourAdded a couple for bottles with labels I mentioned above. One bottle has an original brown color, another is spray painted in black.Halloween Home Decor TourThe small green bottle is from Michael’s (I got it on a final sale), an old candle jar with some candle left inside and several skulls placed in. And a DT pumpkin, spray painted in black.Halloween Home Decor TourI added several cats on the wall here, a spider web to branches (this was my very first home decor ever when I moved to USA, I got it from a floral store, but something similar definitely can be found during nature hunt).Halloween Home Decor TourOn this shelf I added some spiderweb as well. Black and white paper straws, Halloween shoe I altered several years ago (before becoming CAS cardmaker I used to decorate shoes ;)).
A pumpkin is a cheapo from a dollar store, spray painted in white.Halloween Home Decor TourAnd here is a video-tour



Like this project? I created a Pinterest-friendly picture that gives several views of the card. You can pin it and save for later.Halloween Home Decor Tour

This post is also available in: Russian