Mint Nautical + a new family member

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There is a new color challenge in a blog I design for. And the color is mint, one of my favorites. I went nautical theme this time. It’s so trendy now, but I think nautical is always classic, as long as i.e.┬áNordic theme or chalkboard.Card_140427_01This simple looking background was my sixth attempt to make it clear. And still isn’t satisfied with it. But by the sixth attempt I was kinda tired of making the same thing over and over again (and tired from wasting paper). So left is as it was. Stripes are stamped and the bottom part is inked with the same inks
Card_140427_02 Card_140427_03The next – introducing our new family member – Cali. She’s a Maltese and Poodle Hybrid (or Maltipoo).
To tell the long story short – she wasn’t originally bought by us. This is my stepdaughter’s dog who happened to be our pet know. She is so funny and sweet, love her crazily!

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This post is also available in: Russian

April 11, 2014