Valentine’s Day Home Decor Tour

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Hi there!

Today I’ll be sharing Valentine decor I put up in our apartment this year. It’s not related to cardmaking at all. Just another my passion.

This year is the first time when I decided to decorate for Valentine. I didn’t do it before for two reasons. First – it’s kind of odd occasion to decorate for. Is it like one day or so? But as Valentine related items are started to be sold right after Christmas, and all new crafting supplies with love theme is released even before it – I decided that a couple weeks of this decor would be OK.  Let’s make the first half of February to be a Valentine one!  Haha, positive thinking! We only removed our Christmas tree February second. And then it took me several days to undecorate all other apartment. So I put this decor up only this week. But as I feel that will need another week to remove it – it’ll be up for two weeks anyways. So it’ll be OK to spend some time and energy on decorating.

Another reason not to put a Valentine decor on was the fact that I don’t like a traditional Valentine color scheme. Lots of red and pink.. to tacky and like in your face as for me. But then I thought – why should I use these colors in the first place? That is my apartment and I can do whatever I like. It can be even green and blue haha. But I decided to choose a rustic color scheme. White, kraft with some pops of red color.

Here we go!
The main spot of all my apartment decor is this shoe cabinet in our living room. Unfortunately we don’t have a mantel so I use this cabinet as a mantel.
Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diyHere I have a word LOVE, spelled by letter I purchased in Michaels. They were originally a finished product, had some smooth white finishing (have no idea how it’s called, all white Ikea furniture has this finishing).  But I wanted to upcycle them. I have tons of buttons. And by tons I mean TONS! I “scored” 13 bags of buttons a dollar each on a flea market… 5 years ago! Almost didn’t put in use any since then. So using them in this project made me a little bit happy 🙂 I adhered buttons on the letters, painted them first in brown, then rubbed a candle against edges, painted everything in white and sanded edges – the paint with candle wax underneath chipped giving me this weathered look.

A mailbox with love letters. I got it in a Target Dollar Spot. It was initially ugly hot pink color. SO I repainted it as well (the same way I did for letters). Letters are made from kraft cardstock, using my WRMK envelope punch board.  Added some stamping and die-cut hearts.Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diyAdded a Tim Holtz mini Mason Jar with wood veneers in shape of hearts, arrows and love word.
Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diyThere is a Cupid’s quiver hanging on the wall. The bag is from Target Dollar spot. Arrows I DIYed, taking wooden dowel rods and adding an arrow heads and tails to them. Made these from craft cardstock, just hand cut and stamped with a newspaper stamp in white and red. Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diyNext is my empty frame with a wreath hanging from it. The frame I got on a flea market for $3.  It was a brown and I repainted it in white. The wreath is from Michaels.Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diy

In these fake bricks I added several couples, die-cut from kraft cardstock. I totally screwed adhering die-cut hearts on them. The heart is on the left, right? So I glued them on the left. But when you see a person in front – the heart is in fact on the right. So all my couples are mutants, with shifted hearts lol.

This shelf turned out to have a lot of reds. Which I tried to avoid. But I hope as it have some white and some natural colors – red is not so overwhelming here.

These three jars are candles from Target Dollar Spot. They were $3 each, which is kind of expensive. But I really wanted to implement this idea, so decided to get them. Especially as I can use them for some other decor. I adhered die-cut I, heart and U with a stick glue. It’s not so strong and is not suitable for glass. But it’s enough to hold these die-cuts on jars for a couple weeks and then I can remove them with any damage.

By the way – in my last year 4th of July decor I colored some tins in American flag colors. I think this idea could be used here, if you don’t have a colored glass jars.Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diyI have a bird house behind. Got it a couple years ago in a Goodwill. It has a chalkboard stars on the front part, I covered them with die-cut hearts. And put a bird inside (which is from one of the flower bouquets I got from my hubby for some holiday).

And finally my beloved cylinder vase. Thrifted it in a Goodwill a couple years ago. Now I’m working on willing it with cork bottle stoppers. To add some pop of color – I put a red burlap band from a Dollar Tree.Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diy

In the opposite corner I have this Ikea shelf unit. Here I store my altered shoes all year around. I decorated it with a framed heart I made for Altenew the other day. The frame is also was thrifted.
Valentine's Day decor. @s_shayevich #decor #valentine #handmade #budgetdecor #diy

I filmed a short video with my Valentine decor tour. In case you want to check it out.

So here is my Valentine decor for this year. I’m glad I decided to put it up as liking the way it turned out. There were a lot of DIYs, but it’s not a surprise that I like hand making things. And yes, as it was the first year I’m doing this decor – I had to purchase several things. The overall budget is not so small (around $50) but I don’t regret spending my money on this.

Thank you for stopping by!

This post is also available in: Russian

February 5, 2016



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    Leigh Penner

    February 11, 2016

    Oh, so fun & pretty!! I especially love your heart wreath!

    • Reply

      Svitlana Shayevich

      February 24, 2016

      Thank you, Leigh!

  2. Reply

    Beth Holt

    February 12, 2016

    Beautiful items! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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      Svitlana Shayevich

      February 24, 2016

      Thank you, Beth!

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    February 13, 2016

    Света, невероятная атмосфера любви))) здорово! Очень понравилось)

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      Svitlana Shayevich

      February 24, 2016

      Спасибо, Галя!!