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I have four new cards to show! They all are geometric ones and were made for a blog I designed for. Have to admit – geometry is not my cup of tea. I love geometric cards other crafters made, but myself cannot succeed in making them. I kinda don’t feel this types of cards or something. Maybe that’s why I’m not very satisfied with ones showing today.
But still ­čÖé

The first one – hexagons mosaic, inspired by a Pinterest image. Tried to replicate the background and almost succeed in it, but didn’t like how it looked along with hexagons. So I covered it with vellum and still didn’t like it. Finally removed that background at all lol.
Next – hexagons. I wanted to replicate this mix of flat and dimensional ones, made this by creating DIY-chipboards. ┬áCannot say I like this card. It turned out to be kinda heavy (not only heavy itself, but also looks heavily).Card_150209_01_ORIG

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Card_150209_02_ORIGCard_150209_03_ORIGCard_150209_04_ORIGThe next one was inspired by Krystall chocolate bar. To give the similar look I scored a brown cardstock (A LOT), then masked and inked to give more dimensional look. Feel like something is wrong with it, dislike this card a bit as well.
Card_150217_07_ORIG Card_150217_08_ORIGVery simple card, well-know heart shape made from triangles. Cut them from different cardstock, adhere triangles in a casual manner, added a sentiment using my DYMO printer (which is neglected by me for some reason, forgot how cool sentiments are made with it).
Card_150217_09_ORIG Card_150217_10_ORIGThe last one. I was making it like for a month. MONTH! I had this printed image I wanted to transfer to a cardstock. Which was easy, I used probably the first technique I learnt in my life (when was in kindergarten or so) – using baking sheet and a pencil. Next tried embossing, scoring, stitching – didn’t like. Finally drew it with a distress marker (with fine tip) using my pencil marks as a guide, added more color over with brush tip, made a watercolor look with brush and clean water. Some splashes and sequins as finishing touches.

This post is also available in: Russian

February 20, 2015
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