Ночные Посиделки, посерело и лирика

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Hope you’re enjoying Christmas Eve with your loved ones. And sure all your preparations to the Holidays are already done. Cannot say the same about myself lol. But I have a good excuse –  we celebrate Christmas January, 7 (I’m Orthodox Christian) so the closest holiday is New Year. And that means I have a week to finish everything I planned.
And today i wanna show you a couple of holiday cards I made recently (you can find how-to tutorial here, it’s in Russian, but I provided enough photos of the process). These cards were created using some embossing techniques. card_121218_01 card_121218_02 card_121218_03card_121218_05 card_121218_07 card_121218_04
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This post is also available in: Russian

November 19, 2012
January 28, 2013