Summer Card Camp 2. Week 2.

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Hey guys,
Happy World Card Making Day! What A wonderful day! I already took part in HA scramble, ordered stamps online and plan to make a couple more cards today. What could be better to celebrate cardmaking day then making cards?

But so far wanna show ones I made a while ago.
Well, it’s fall already and I still cannot find time to finish showing my Summer Card Camp 2 cards.Β  On the other hand it’s so hot now that I don’t feel like summer ended.. To be honest I’m sick and tired of this summer! Really miss cold, sweaters and riding boots!

Day 1.As usual Jennifer’s card and technique showed amazed me and made wanting to try. The card itself is completely different, but with feathers I played kinda the way she showed. Scratched them, inked, embossed. Love the result!Card_130721_10 Card_130721_12 Card_130721_11Day 2. This card I dislike a lot. Flowers of strange green color with brown leaves. Yuck! I actually like this colors but this card just didn’t come off.Β  Well, but I tried the techniques at least. So with more appropriate stamps it should be better πŸ™‚Card_130721_13Day 3. Well, it’s not a lot to say about this card. Just a card πŸ™‚ Checked part is stamping. This strip on the left wasn’t there initially,Β  but I felt like composition wasn’t Ok so added it.
Card_130818_01Day 4. This day is was about using holiday stamps for non-holiday cards. Couldn’t think of anything. I’d rather make visa-verse. So this was without card πŸ™

Day 5. The card that cannot stand upright πŸ™‚ Used stamp carving technique Jennifer showed. It was fun πŸ™‚Card_130929_01 Card_130929_02 Card_130929_03And one more card for this day, with three-layer stamping. One is on the white cardsoc and two more on vellum.
Card_130929_04Plan to issue the last week soonΒ  πŸ™‚ Especially when another classes are coming! Cannot wait!

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This post is also available in: Russian

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