Delicacy of vellum + animal control news

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I had a very productive weekend. 6 cards – whew! But considering that I didn’t create anything for the past month it’s like 1.5 card per week – not so cool lol.
I took cardmaking break. It wasn’t like crisis or lack of ideas. I just made a lot of cards before and realized that got full of cardmaking for some time. Just not my pace. I know some girls feel sad of their slow pace of cards creating. I passes this phase several years ago and feel very comfortable without making like 100 cards per month lol.

Anyhow.. While resting from cardmaking switched to my apartment organization. And enjoyed this process so much. Not speaking of enjoying the results. It’s such a pleasure to use spots decluttered and having my organization system applied. And putting labels like on anything? Heavens! I’m turning into a nerd lmao.

One more thing before I start talking about cards. Some of you know that I have my family (parents and sister) in Ukraine, in that area which has military operations. You can imagine how worried I am. And sometimes I feel kind of guilty or something that I’m sitting here, enjoying making card when my family is in constant danger. You know what I mean… So sometimes such thoughts cool me down from creating. But now, when I spend almost whole weekend making cards I realized that it’s not only fun but also it distracts me a lot from this whole situation. It’s so great I have this hobby I can hide in for a bit (instead of i.e. drinking or taking anti-depressants).

But back to the cards.The first one is my playing along with CASE Study#207 and this month muse –
Debby Hughes. She is amazing and everything she does is stunning! I could describe a lot how much I admire her and how wonderful she is but hey! YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN and sure feel the same 🙂
My took on this week card is a holiday one. Made the background with Tim Holtz stencil, embossing paste and sparkling embossing powder. DIY chipboard from SSS die. Holly branch stamped on vellum. And sequins as berries.
Card_140907_05_ORIG This card I made several weeks ago but never showed. Tiffani style lol. Embossed flowers on vellum and the same flowers stamped with white ink. Several sequins and  that’s it 🙂 Very simple.Card_140727_04_ORIGAnd for those who are  still there a little squirrel story.  We have an old broken AC installed in our bedroom wall, which obviously cannot be removed and there will be a hole in the wall. Several years ago a family (or families) or birds started living inside of this AC, raised baby birds there. We were waking up from their twittering every morning. But the last year a squirrel came and took their home. We were sad and worried about birds, but what could we do? Mother nature is cruel…
BTW – we live on the 10th floor.
Anyway, she (or he?) spent like two weeks there and left (I read that squirrels have like up to 15 homes). And this year it came back (it has injured ear that’s how we know it’s the same one).
We started feeding her with nuts. One day two weeks ago it came to ask for nuts and I noticed it made a little hole in our mosquito net. My hubby started worrying that it can made a bigger hole, get inside of our apartment and bite our dog (who is not so much bigger then a squirrel lol). But I was kind of skeptical about his worries.
Next? In two days I got call from my hubby who came home to find a huge hole in the mosquito net, a squirrel inside and a lot of almond peel on the windowsill (we keep nuts for her there). So we weren’t at home, but nuts were, on the sill and it decided just get inside and take them lol.
Now deciding what to put in the window instead of broken net. So far living with this hole and squirrel coming for nuts from time to time 🙂

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This post is also available in: Russian

August 12, 2014
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